Lauren is a working artist currently in Kalamazoo MI, recently completing her study as the Metals and Jewelry Resident at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. She received her Bachelors of Fine arts from Western Michigan University with her emphasis in metals and jewelry and a minor in painting. She has a passion for working her hands to create tangible art such as small sculptor, adornment and visual art. Her pieces are inspired by experience, memory, perspective, time, illusion, and material process. In her metal work she combines contemporary jewelry aesthetics and practices with traditional silversmithing techniques to create ornate wearable art as well as conceptual fine art. Her current pigment works are rooted in environmental impact and honoring the divine essence of this planet. Her paintings are small eco spheres inspired by landscapes, textures, and floral patterns. Her works are also created in digital media, oil and acrylic paint; and is currently exploring all materials and mediums to achieve an encompassing 3D visual experience.

You can find Lauren at various Music and Arts events // festivals year round. For inquires email her at