Lauren (LU) is a working artist currently creating out of Metro Detroit, receiving a BFA from Western Michigan University. Possessing a passion for working her hands, she creates tangible art such as small sculptor, adornment, immersive environments, and visual art. Her pigments works are created in oil and acrylic paint, rendering flora and biological based art works. The paintings are inspired by macro photography of the natural world, plants, insects and the cycle of life. Capturing innate beauty, such as the iridescent sheen on a beetle wing and natural phenomena like moon bows. Lauren’s Metalsmithing combines contemporary jewelry aesthetics and practices with traditional silversmithing techniques to create ornate wearable art as well as conceptual fine art. She is currently exploring all materials and mediums to achieve an encompassing 3D visual experience.

The brand Les Artistry is a hub for handmade creative artworks. Ranging from oil paintings to pillows, this shop has something for everyone. Containing silver and gem stone pendants, meditation malas, sublimated bandanas and pashminas, paintings of all kinds, and endless hand made odds and ends.

You can find LU at various Music and Arts events // festivals year round. For inquires or hire email at